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Own car vs rented

March 2019

Residents of Ukraine have long been accustomed to the fact that the condition of the roads is not going to change for the better. However, foreigners who are accustomed to the fact that their roads are in excellent condition are “slightly” shocked by the roads of Ukraine. Therefore, we decided to warn those who are going to travel around Ukraine in advance - do not expect that the asphalt will be even, without gouges, freshly repaired. It will be so only as an exception!

Road condition

The biggest question that people have about driving in Ukraine is the condition of the roads. Well, recently it has been slightly improved in many areas, but still many parts of the roads remain in poor condition. We hope this will not prevent you from exploring Ukraine, just check in advance the condition of your tires. Or, if you are afraid of “spoiling” your car with Ukrainian roads, there is another option - rent a car.

Own car or rented?

Free yourself from unbearable expectations and bureaucracy at the border by renting a car in Ukraine. There are several international car rental companies at the airports, but it is better to use local rental companies, as their services are much cheaper!


Thus, a study of the ProProkat website showed that local car rental companies such as Race, Lion Avtoprokat, Car-sharing.dp.ua, Autodin are the most budget companies. We advise you to get acquainted with the above research.

We wish you a pleasant trip and unforgettable impressions!

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